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Next Steps


You belong: You are included-- accepted by God unconditionally, just as you are. In and through Jesus, God has forgiven you and welcomes you home.



So believe: Believe the glorious truth found in the person of Jesus. As you do, you will experience that you truly do belong. That experience is one of a relationship with Jesus through the power of His Spirit. You can trust Him to be who He says He is and to do what He say He will do. This believing come from the heart, a confidence in Him that is founded upon His word and His Faithfulness.


And you will become: As you believe, the Holy Spirit will be at work in you. He will be leading you into transformation from the inside-out.

You will become the person God created you to be in Christ. You will begin to live into the purpose and plan God had in mind when He created you. As you grow, you will discover gifts that God gives you to serve others. You will then experience even more about who you are in a strong, loving relationship with our Lord. 

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